The Stone Well is a resource structure that holds 500 portions of water.


The Stone Well is a lot like the Sandstone Well in the fact that they both produce water for the player to drink. One of the main advantages of having a Stone Well is that you can move your water source closer if there is no water source or it's far away. Another advantage is that it is possible to drink from the water without losing vitality or health. When it is placed down, like all objects, all users in the game can drink or fill buckets up from it.


This structure is used to drink water out from it, or to fill up a Wood Bucket, Tin Bucket, or Clay Jug.

This structure cannot be used to create another structure or item.

This structure, when you place it, is a water source holding 500 portions, so you do not have to go to a source of water that could be far away.


· A Stone Well holds the same amount as a Sandstone Well, and people generally find it quicker and easier to build.