This is a page for miscellaneous tools and how to craft them.


Stone Pickaxe

x1 Haft + 3x Small Stones

Copper Pickaxe

x1 Haft + 3x Copper

Bronze Pickaxe

x1 Haft + 3x Bronze

Iron Pickaxe

x1 Haft + 3x Iron

Steel Pickaxe

x1 Haft + x3 Steel

Mithril Pickaxe

x1 Haft + x3 Mithril


Stone Axe

x1 Haft + x2 Small Stone

Copper Axe

x1 Haft + x2 Copper

Bronze Axe

x1 Haft + x2 Bronze

Iron Axe

x1 Haft + x2 Iron

Steel Axe

x1 Haft + x2 Steel

Mithril Axe

x1 Haft + x2 Mithril


Stone Knife

x1 Haft + x1 Small Stone

Copper Knife

x1 Haft + x1 Copper

Bronze Knife

x1 Haft + x1 Bronze

Iron Knife

x1 Haft + x1 Iron

Steel Knife

x1 Haft + x1 Steel

Mithril Knife

x1 Haft + x1 Mithril


Copper Sword

x1 Haft + x4 Copper

Bronze Sword

x1 Haft + x4 Bronze

Iron Sword

x1 Haft + x4 Iron

Steel Sword

x1 Haft + x4 Steel

Mithril Sword

x1 Haft + x4 Mithril

Water Containers

Wood Bucket - Holds 20 Water

x1 Small Bush Stump + x1 Rope

Tin Bucket - Holds 50 Water

x4 Tin + x1 Rope

Clay Jug - Holds 30 Water

x3 Clay


Flint - 25% fire chance

x1 Small Stone

Cloth Torch - 100% fire chance, but with a loading bar

x1 Haft + x1 Cloth

Flint and steel - 100% fire chance

x1 Small Stone + x1 Steel


Crude Torch - Small area lit up, start game with it

x1 Haft + x1 Foliage

Cloth Torch - Large area lit up, also firestarter

x1 Haft + x1 Cloth