Survival: Beginnings 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the game Survival: Beginnings. The game hopes to add many new features which will make the game harder and longer to complete, as in the original it would take about an hour to and hour and a half to complete it by
getting mithril equipment. Just to note though, the game is in its open beta so the features I have found so far are subject to change.

The New Features

  • Randomised island locations
  • Many new resources, some which you must obtain using buildings
  • A new ship, the Cog
  • New buildings
  • Snow islands
  • Different types of tree
  • Randomised environments for the mainland
  • Weather

The Mainland

The mainland has changed quite a bit. Since it now can have different environments, such as desert, snow and the normal variants, the way you play the mainland can change in accordance to the environment. The desert mainland is all desert with the normal mountains in the middle of it. Although, the desert mainland does have an oasis which has trees and water, a good place to build a village. The snow mainland I cannot say much due to the fact I have only seen it once and I never explored further than the coast. The normal mainland does have a lake where the oasis is and is the most survivable of the 2 since you can plant stuff.

The Cog

The Cog is a new type of boat between the Frigate and the Schooner, it has a long hull which looks like a modern day transport ship, which is because the Cog is designed to carry loads of goods from place to place, a much needed ship if you plan on setting up a trade hub.

Questions you may ask

  • Q: How do the randomised islands work? A: Whenever a new server is created, the island locations shuffle and randomise and their environments are changed by how north or south they are.
  • Q: What sorts of weather are there? A: There is obviously rain, but there is snow too. If you are out in weather without cover your vitality goes down, adding a new difficulty to survival. Each type of weather makes your view worse.
  • Q: How will we be able to map the new islands with randomised islands? A: A way I think we could do it is by naming an island and stating its resources as usual but also saying what environments can happen there.

The End

Thank you for reading my take on the new Beginnings. I hope you enjoyed reading it and go and check it out because the work Shagabash is doing there is great. When going to make a new wiki I just realised that some idiot has got there before me and is quite poorly made. I am going to make one called the "Survival: Beginnings II" The link is right here:

Thank you, Ben