The Smart Survivor Test was created by Shagabash to test one's knowledge on the game Survival Beginnings. The test itself is very difficult involving if you get ONE question wrong you are sent back to start with all questions shuffled to create maximum difficulty.


  • It is fine if you get it wrong a few times, it does void your progress but after a while you will begin getting questions you have already done.
  • Try not to ask others for help as it will show that you cannot do the quiz by yourself.
  • Try to memorise the questions already completed.
  • Report any bugs to Shagabash using any means possible. The less bugs in the quiz, the more streamlined the experience doing it is. An example of a reportable glitch would be: Choosing the correct answer but still sending you back.


  • The quiz has 42 total questions, all change place after each wrong answer.
  • Only 1,235 have completed the quiz, but this is to be edited once more complete it.

The End

Thank you for all who have read this wiki page, probally not many, due to the fact the quiz is not well known, hopefully this brings more people to it as we always need contributing people in the community.

This was my first wiki page and I enjoyed doing it. I may do a few more pages if they are needed. Any questions can be placed below where I can answer them. Please though have them about the quiz.

Thank you for reading, Ben.

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