Who is Shagabash?

Shagabash created the ROBLOX game Survival Beginnings. He has a notable spot in the survival community on ROBLOX. Shagabash has been on ROBLOX since 2008 making the year of writing this (2018) his 10th year on ROBLOX.

Games by Shagabash

  • Survival Beginnings (What he is mostly known for)
  • Kingdoms and Colonies (Built in the style of a fighting game from 2010)
  • Survival Beginnings 2 (Second game in the Beginnings sub-series)

Facts (Stuff I found about him interesting)

  • He has 92 collectable items, in total worth over 292,000 Robux.
  • Shagabash seems to be religious as he is in a group dedicated to Christianity.

The End

Thank you for reading this small wiki page. I did not have alot of information on him as I had only joined ROBLOX when the golden age of the survival genre was ending. I was surprised there was no page on him already, involving he made the game that this wiki is on. Anyway, I welcome anyone to edit and add stuff on here as I know that some of you will have more information on him.

Thank you, Ben.
Mr man

Shagabash's current look