The Schooner is the second biggest, second fastest, and second slowest turning boat in Survival: Beginnings.

A ferry-man's ship

Use and Durability

The Schooner may be useful for raiding or transporting people and items.

If raiding the Schooner may catch fire so it is recommended that you will bring a bucket of water.

It may also serve as a Fire-ship, but be sure to have a spare ship around.

Recipe: Wood Hull x4 + Sail x2

While it is not as grand as the Frigate, It is helpful.


  • If you have a Frigate with one of these in your inventory, make sure to keep it in your inventory because if that Frigate catches on fire and there is nothing you can do about it, (I.E. Empty Bucket) you can use this spare boat for saving yourself. After all, its the second best out of all of them.