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The sailboat is a boat in survival beginnings. It is the second fastest turning boat in survival beginnings.


The sailboat is a simple boat, better than the raft, but worse then the schooner or the mighty frigate, it is commonly found near cotton island, due to the requirement of sails and the abundance of cotton. Ideal for mining trips or escorting, however, for tribal warfare or trading, a frigate or schooner is recommended.

The Sailboat has 2 places to sit: one in the back and one on the sail.

Recipe: 2 Wood Hulls + 1 Sail

The sailboat can rout down rafts (if enemies are on them) and efficiently house pairs of people. It is, however, flammable. Enemies might set your sailboat on fire.

Seats can be put on this boat and will stick to it, meaning you can carry a larger party, this is best for people with a large amount of people, but a small amount of cotton.