Before you edit any pages, it is advised you read these rules first. Punishments range from lifetime bans to emotional guilt.

  1. No Spamming.
  2. Keep the profanity down. We don't mind a small amount here and there on blogs and comments, but people who spout it out swear words like a geyser, or use it on the main wiki pages will be punished.
  3. No Vandalism.
  4. Keep the wiki pages free of slang and text speak. It may be ok to say "u can mak a bukit w/ a rope and bush" in-game, but keep wiki pages formal.
  5. No matter how much you do here, that will not directly affect your chances of admin in-game in any way. If you came here to try and get yourself admin powers, you've come to the wrong place.
  6. Don't put stories and personal recounts of past adventures on a wiki page, use a blog instead.
  7. The same goes for suggestions. Only things in the actual game should be put on a wiki page.
  8.  Do not aggrovate any administrator, including NoBanana, Michael20028, and Mojman456.
  9. Do not make a page that is not in the game. Even if it shows up on the recipe page, do not add the actual page until it has been properly added into the game.
  10. When creating a new page, please make it long and informative, instead of just putting 4 words and calling it a page.