Sandstone Segment: 2x Sandstone

Seat: 1x Bush stump

Small Stone: 1x Stone

Steel: 1x Iron + 1x Coal

Stone: 1x Boulder

Stone Segment: 2x Boulder

String: 2x Flax OR 1x Cotton

Tree Trunk: 1x Large Tree Trunk

Vial: 1x Glass

Wheat Bundle: 4x Wheat

Window: 2x Glass

Wood Hull: 2x Plank OR 2x Tree Trunk OR 1x Large Tree Trunk

Gunpowder: 1x Coal + 1x Sulfur



Club: 1x Haft

Fishing Pole : 1x Rod + 2x String

Stone Knife: 1x Haft + 2x Stone

Copper Knife: 1x Haft + 2x Copper

Bronze Knife: 1x Haft + 2x Bronze

Iron Knife: 1x Haft + 2x Iron

Steel Knife: 1x Haft + 2x Steel

Mithril Knife: 1x Haft + 2x Mithril

Copper Sword: 4x Copper + 1x Haft

Bronze Sword: 4x Bronze + 1x Haft

Iron Sword: 4x Iron + 1x Haft

Steel Sword: 4x Steel + 1x Haft

Mithril Sword: 4x Mithril + 1x Haft

Bomb : 2x Gunpowder + 1x Cloth

Gathering Tools

Stone Axe: 2x Small Stone + 1x Haft

Stone Pickaxe: 3x Small Stone + 1x Haft

Copper Axe: 2x Copper + 1x Haft

Copper Pickaxe: 3x Copper + 1x Haft

Bronze Axe: 2x Bronze + 1x Haft

Bronze Pickaxe: 3x Bronze + Haft

Iron Axe: 2x Iron + 1x Haft

Iron Pickaxe: 3x Iron + 1x Haft

Steel Axe: 2x Steel + 1x Haft

Steel Pickaxe: 3x Steel + 1x Haft

Mithril Pickaxe: 3x Mithril + 1x Haft

Shovel: 1x Steel + 2x Haft

Water Containers

Clay Jug: x3 Clay

Tin Bucket: x4 Tin + x1 Rope

Wooden Bucket: x1 Bush Stump + x1 Rope

Fire Starters

Cloth Torch: x1 Haft + x1 Cloth

Flint: x1 Small Stone

Flint and Steel: x1 Steel + x1 Small Stone

Non-fire Starting Lighting tools

Crude Torch : x1 Haft + x1 Foliage

Ground Vehicles

Cart: x2 Wood Hull

Catapult: x3 Wood Hull + x2 Rope

Siege Tower: x6 Wood Hull


Frigate: x8 Wood Hull + x4 Sail + x1 Window

Raft: x3 Tree Trunk

Sailboat: x2 Wood Hull + x1 Sail

Schooner: x4 Wood Hull + x2 Sail



Small Wood Hut: x2 Wood Segment + x1 Foliage Thatch

Wood Hut: x4 Wood Segment + x2 Foliage Thatch

Small Sandstone Hut: x3 Sandstone Segment

Sandstone Hut: x5 Sandstone Segment

Stone Hut: x6 Stone Segment

Torches and Mills

Cloth Torch: x1 Rod + x1 Cloth

Stationary Crude Torch: x1 Rod + x1 Foliage

Stationary Cloth Torch: x1 Rod + x1 Cloth

Cotton gin: x2 Wood Segment

Lumbermill: x4 Wood Segment

Mill: x3 Wood Segment

Stone Granary: x2 Stone Segment

Wood Granary: x2 Wood Segment

Sandstone Granary: x2 Sandstone Segment

Walls and Towers

Fortified Tower: x4 Stone Segment

Fortified Wall: 3x Stone Segment

Palisade Door: 2x Wood Segment

Palisade Tower: 3x Wood Segment

Palisade Wall: 2x Wood Segment


Sandstone Well: 4x Sandstone + 2x Clay

Stone Well: 4x Boulder + x1 Rope

Furniture and Decor

Bookshelf: 4x Plank

Chair: 2x Plank

End Table: 2x Plank

Fence: 2x Plank

Ladder: 2x Plank

Table: 4x Plank

This is incomplete so far. Please add more as you know it.

Do NOT add pointless and/or spam recipes, unless you are sure of it. And remember, have a fun time playing Survival Beginnings.