Ore Island is an island in survival beginnings.


Ore island is an island that entirely consists of stone, and beachs made of sand. It is mostly flat, with the exception of large, stone mounds. 

It is mainly visited due to the visiblilty of ores, despite the fact that there are far more easily accessed local mines. The island, however, lacks iron, and mithril. It is, therefore, a good place to start collecting ores for new joiners, as more late game items are elsewhere.

Some veins of ore, however, consist of more than one boulder and multiple stones, making it useful for building stone walls and other medieval buildings.

Farming on this island is nearly impossible, as the only crops that can grow here are Coconuts and Bananas. Be warned when you leave your boat unattened on this island because of the high population surrounding the area, you are very prone to be attacked/have your boat stolen, leaving you stranded unless you have a teammate.