The Mainland is the largest of the islands, spanning a few hundred studs in diameter. It contains the most resources of any island. This does not mean that all resources are on this island, however, even though it will be the most densely populated of all the islands. The Mainland can be divided into several major sections / tribes.

Around The Island

Mountain's Mouth

Mountains Mouth

This area is not a Spawn Location This is a small cavern within the mountain-scape, facing the Mainland Plains. Inside is a large deposit of Iron and Coal. As it is difficult to fully explore due to the darkness, the actual layout and full detail of this area is not fully known, possibly deserving proper exploration. There are little natural resources directly near this mine, besides the waterfall that is on the opposite side of this mountain. Colonization of this area would be difficult without some outside supplying or extensive farming of the land.

Mountain Range And River

Mountain Range

This area is not a Spawn Location This encompasses the whole Mainland Mountain Range and the river that flows out of its waterfall. There are hidden caverns within this system, mostly unexplored and should not be put on this Wiki until fully explored. There tend to be tribal encampments within this region, as shown in the image to the right. There is a small water source along one side of the river, the other side having a small amount of forestation. The natural food resources of this area are unknown and deserve discovery. This area serves as an excellent naval port for colonies, as the river acts as a protection against theft of produced ships. Creation of a boat manufactory would be convenient, provided proper food and protection could be established.

Peak's Shadow

Peaks Shadow

This area is a Spawn Location Expect this to just be a bronze-age tribe area, with natural cotton and a small forest, aided by a nearby cavern that contains copper and tin. The natural resources make it an excellent starting location, but it would be recommended to desert this location and move to a better area not on The Mainland. As this is a spawning location, tribes are common here. If you find a tribe, keep in mind that they are capable of mostly bronze-tier weapons and tools, should you try diplomatic action with them.

Mithril Point

ROBLOX Beginnings Survival-How to get into the secret cave

ROBLOX Beginnings Survival-How to get into the secret cave.-0


Inside the waterfall is a secret mine, which also has a cave behind the mountains leading into it, not making it so "secret" anymore. The island is mostly grassland, with massive mountains in the middle of the island. The mountains have snow on top of them, the snow can't and possibly may never be able to be foraged. On about the 3rd mountain from the left, there is a small, difficult to locate Mithril mine with only 4 Mithril Ore, making it inferior to The Arch. Due to it's size, it is arguably a good point to start a tribe.