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Foliage is an item in Survival: Beginnings.

Large Foliage(left) and small Foliage(right)

Large Foliage(left) and Foliage(right)



The foliage is an item which naturally spawns on top of trees.

You can forage the foliage from bushes, trees, and big trees-But to harvest  foliage on big trees you will need an axe of any kind.

Big trees also contain large foliage which is a bigger version of the normal foliage.

The foliage is burnable so you can cook and smelt things on it, it is also advisable to use it be

cause it is very cheap and common.

You can craft a crude torch with a haft, or a standing crude torch with a rod.

You can also make a foliage thatch which is used to make a wooden hut.