Flint is a fire starter in Survival Beginnings.


Flint is the basic Firestarting tool, used for before you get steel to make it's superior, the Flint and Steel. It's always a good idea to get the Flint and Steel instead of getting a normal Flint. Due to the fact that there is roughly a 75% increase in the chance of setting something on fire compared to the Flint, making the Flint and Steel superior in most scenarios, since Fire is needed in almost everything, raiding, smelting ores, cooking food, which gives more Hunger. But the Flint is just the first step in the Fire starting tools, being beaten by the Cloth Torch, which is able to set things on fire, and the mighty Flint and Steel, which has a 100% success chance. It will take roughly four or five strikes to set something on fire with a flint, compared to the 100% success rate of the Flint and Steel.