Dough is the primary thing to have for every cook out there.


Where would bread be without this?


Dough is a really important thing in the terms of food, you can make almost every food in the game with it, including the Berry Pie, the Apple Pie, the Banana Bread, the Pot Pie, and the primary food for every player, the Bread.

Dough is mainly made using this way, if you ever pass by a Wheat source on your way, forage four Wheat, craft them into a Wheat Bundle, get yourself a Mill if you already don't have one, drop the Wheat Bundle you made in it, Flour comes out, use a Water container (Wooden Bucket, Clay Jug, Tin Bucket.) on the Flour, which will turn it into Dough, and that is how Dough is made. For some players, making Dough is quite complex, but you just have to do it the right way, and you will have loads of Dough in your backpack.