• Awesomeboy9000

    low quality roblox recorder video demonstrations. for fucks sake people

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  • CounterCrysis


    January 18, 2016 by CounterCrysis

    No Longer works!

    The Car is potentially the fastest vehicle in the game. Although you can't craft it like regular vehicles, you can build it! This simple creation uses just four windows and a foliage thatch. You can make other styles of the car using resources such as wheat and planks, but that requires a bit more effort and the increased weight would cause it to be slower.

    Since this is a bit more advanced than clicking a single button under the craft menu... I made a video to demonstrate how the car is built and used. Enjoy!

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  • SwagWarrior101
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  • Robotic Killer

    Hello! I am Roboti_Killer and i am on the search for a myth. It has been said that there is a rare material, that does everything in a single frame. It is named PLATINUM and it is rumored to be found on the edge of the world in two possible locations: behind the Desert Island and near the Swamp Island. I am starting this blog at 27/11/2015 and everyday i will go on a search.

    These are the rumors: -Platinum island is very small, with a single ore vein on it.

                           -Platinum Island teleports from one spot to another.

                           -You take damage if you get too close to Platinum Island.

                           -It can only be mined by a Mithril Pickaxe

                           -It takes double the material to make tools (e…

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  • Michael20028

    Temporarily not accepting new administrators!

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  • HighwaterOffical

    Fixing the Greifers

    February 19, 2015 by HighwaterOffical

    I took the liberty to go fix some chucklefucks mess he made on the knife pages, all of which have been reverted. Honestly, there should be a type of whitelist for editing.

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  • GenericRobloxer

    The badges

    January 20, 2015 by GenericRobloxer

    Tonight I will fly like a bird and shit on shiny new cars - KFK

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  • GenericRobloxer

    New Beginnings

    January 20, 2015 by GenericRobloxer

    So I started the Survival Beginnings job... Its awesome!!!

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  • Mojman456

    Making infoboxes!

    June 18, 2014 by Mojman456

    As you could probably tell from the name,to create a infobox, click the source button in the upper right corner, and copy and paste these templates, filling out information appropriately.

    These need to be on every page that describes a noun (Not including people). Simply put, islands, food, tools, misc. items, etc.

    The coding for the infobox would be this:


    |Box title = (The name of what the page is about.)

    |image = File: (Insert image type name with extention. If there is no avalible image at the moment, input Placeholder.jpg(and yes, it is case sensitive.).)    

    |caption = (Insert Amusing Joke/Comment About the Item/tool/place/etc.)

    |Row 1 title = 

    |Row 1 info = 

    |Row 2 title = 

    |Row 2 info = 

    |Row 3 title = 

    |Row 3 info = 

    |Row 4 title = 


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  • Michael20028

    Okay so, I'm sure every single person have heard of vandalism, profanity, spam... and the list goes on. So, I just wanted to point down some stuff, just to improve the community and the Wiki itself.

    This may be a long read for (some of) you, but you have to read it all for the sake of the Wiki.


    Now, for every editor out there. You have to read the rules before editing any page on the Wiki.
    After reading the rules, you are free to edit whatever page you want following the rules with your edit.

    You may go to the community central and have a quick hover-over by the tutorials. But here is some tutorials that will get you started that our administrator NoBanana has provided on the Blog. There is a…

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  • NoBanana

    Here is my list of what infoboxes should look like. Depending on the item type, the format will differ, but I should cover most of them. If no amusing comment or joke can be found for a caption, state its main use.

    Tell me if I miss anything important, or you feel something is wrong.

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  • NoBanana

    Standard Page Format

    March 22, 2014 by NoBanana

    In an attempt to increase the quality of this wiki, I am going to write a standard page format. Follow this if your making a new page, or cleaning an old one. This applies to mainly item, building, and island pages, others may require special format.

    A insert item name in bold is an item/building/tool/vehicle/whatever in Survival Beginnings. (ignore the colon in the name)

    Add information about the recipe, appearance (if no picture is available), and other information, such as stats. This should take about 1-2 paragraphs depending on the item, or much more if it is about an island or something similar.

    And that is it. Add pictures where necessary, but don't go overboard or add pictures like "LUUK AT MEH I AM SO USUME I DID ____!" If you feel a p…

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  • Michael20028

    This story is a bit old, sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my native language, and I'll try to keep the story without any grammatical mistakes. And now, the story begins.

    I was once surfing ROBLOX games, when I came across a game called Survival: Beginnings, I personally was interested by the title, and wanted to try it out. Before I had joined the game, I checked the description, and I knew it was another Survival Game of those games that I had tried (S; 303, S;323, S;Apocalyse...). I tried to search for more info on the internet for it, no results; actually this was because this game just came on ROBLOX games. It was on the first page at that time, so sooner or later; people will put some sort of guide on the internet for it.


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